Tuesday, 30 April 2013


This module was a big learning curve for me.  All the tasks were completely new to me, some were difficult to access etc - but it's done now!  It was good to become more familiar with the 'bubbl.us' site, and create one of my own brainstorm.  The glogster task was also beneficial, and I was pleased that I finally put that together.  I challenged myself by adding my brainstorm from 'bubbl.us' and my animoto video.  Also added a couple of other links - so that I could practise this skill.  The Prezi task was an interesting one, and I am glad I managed to create it about something I am teaching at the moment, and can actually use it with my class.  These sorts of tasks make the whole course much more purposeful, rather than just creating things which are unrelated to immediate teaching.
A challenging but rewarding module!

Friday, 5 April 2013


This was a very helpful module for me. Whilst I was familiar with some of the aspects covered (such as Itunes, YouTube, Podasts, etc), it was good to create my own video.  I can see the educational worth in this, especially when making the video a little longer, (though its more fun for free!) What I found most helpful though, was a list of websites accessed and created by teachers. There was one linked to a british website titled 'Story Starters' in the TEL website.  One was specifically aimed at persuasive writing - perfect for our class at the moment.  I can use it now as an introduction to a writing lesson next term, so that is really useful. A genuinely helpful module!

Wednesday, 3 April 2013


It was great to have a bit more information on google docs.  Whilst I was familiar with it, it was interesting to discover the advantages of it a little further.  I think eventually students in the class would be able to access and contribute to it, but will need a bit of guidance to start with.  The major use of it will be in my teaching team of 3/4 teachers.  Especially to myself, as I am in a shared teaching class - and am not present at the meetings with the team.  My colleagues email me relevant information, such as meeting minutes and planning documents, but this can be time consuming for all.  By using google docs, it will be much easier for everyone, and also easy for me to contribute my ideas for future planning.  This is the most beneficial tool I have come across thus far, and whilst I was familiar with it, its good to have a bit of a play around with it.  Its going to make everyone's life easier!

Tuesday, 2 April 2013


Great to learn how to create a blog.  It seems that I accidentally added it twice, and somehow added that I come from Townsville!?! I couldn't seem to work out how to edit that and fix it, I'm sure I'll work it out, atleast I've created it and it can be accessed. I'm really pleased to become familiar with that process, and it will be great to incorporate it into the classroom, with student and teacher reflections.  It will be interesting to view my colleague's reflections as well.


My name is Xaveria, and I have just started working my way through the course.
After perusing through the many different web tools available in Module 1, I realised that there is a whole lot of things out there that I had never discovered.  I think accessing these tools will make classroom learning and engagement much more powerful.  Whilst I only had a quick look through them, I intend to go back and use them as much as I can to help in my teaching...(when my projector is working - or I can access an interactive whiteboard!). Im looking forward to doing the rest of this course, it suits me well to work through the modules at my own pace.