Tuesday, 30 April 2013


This module was a big learning curve for me.  All the tasks were completely new to me, some were difficult to access etc - but it's done now!  It was good to become more familiar with the 'bubbl.us' site, and create one of my own brainstorm.  The glogster task was also beneficial, and I was pleased that I finally put that together.  I challenged myself by adding my brainstorm from 'bubbl.us' and my animoto video.  Also added a couple of other links - so that I could practise this skill.  The Prezi task was an interesting one, and I am glad I managed to create it about something I am teaching at the moment, and can actually use it with my class.  These sorts of tasks make the whole course much more purposeful, rather than just creating things which are unrelated to immediate teaching.
A challenging but rewarding module!

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  1. Well done Xav, for exploring new ideas. I am sure your class will be excited about using some of these tools.