Wednesday, 3 April 2013


It was great to have a bit more information on google docs.  Whilst I was familiar with it, it was interesting to discover the advantages of it a little further.  I think eventually students in the class would be able to access and contribute to it, but will need a bit of guidance to start with.  The major use of it will be in my teaching team of 3/4 teachers.  Especially to myself, as I am in a shared teaching class - and am not present at the meetings with the team.  My colleagues email me relevant information, such as meeting minutes and planning documents, but this can be time consuming for all.  By using google docs, it will be much easier for everyone, and also easy for me to contribute my ideas for future planning.  This is the most beneficial tool I have come across thus far, and whilst I was familiar with it, its good to have a bit of a play around with it.  Its going to make everyone's life easier!

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